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Slumber Party International

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In this story of an "alternative present," university students from all over the world are linked, via the internet, to tune in to the announcement made by CERN regarding the potential discovery of the Higgs boson. The party bills itself (a la Columbia University) as an all-night slumber party in anticipation of CERN's announcement.

At the hub of this global internet effort is Avia Sokratis, a physics major at a small private school in the mountains. Avia's university is throwing a party of their own at the local student cafe, and all of Avia's friends -- and even Avia's ex-girlfriend -- are there.

But what Avia's really looking for is someone to share her excitement with: someone to love. TJ Yukawa, a fine arts major, enters the picture. TJ and Avia seem to hit it off. But will they fall in love?

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