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Space Sex Chronicles: Tentacle Sex Toy (Tentacle Alien Sex)

16 pages12 minutes


When Captain Janet Roark and her first lieutenant, Lisa Sampson, investigate a strange planet for a missing Federation crew, they find a huge tentacle alien waiting in ambush. Overpowered by the creature, the woman are at the mercy of thirty probing tentacles and a monster that can read their minds- and their dirtiest desires. Will they escape the alien’s erotic hold or give in to the tentacle’s seduction?

This 3,000 word erotic story contains graphic tentacle sex including: dubious consent, oral sex, anal sex and a massive alien cream pie.


A shiver coursed through Janet's body and the tentacle wrapped around her waist slowly and wound its way up her chest – the tip tickling her breasts. She tried to slap at the offending creature, but two more tentacles grabbed her wrists and yanked them above her head. Her mind reeled. What was this thing going to do to her?

Then Lisa cried out, and Janet looked over. Her second in command's shirt had been ripped down and the tentacles fumbled playfully with her pert breasts. The tips tickled her nipples into hardened nubs, and Lisa half moaned half screamed at the assault. Then the creature moved to her pants – making short order of the material in a matter of seconds. It stripped down Lisa's pink cotton panties and stroked her pale, slender thigh almost lovingly. What the hell was going on?

"Stop this!" Janet cried, but the thing paid her no heed.

Slowly, its body turned from green to a vibrant pinkish red. All of the tentacles quivered as four shot out and grabbed hold of Lisa's wrists and ankles, pulling her spread eagle. Janet stared in a strange mixture of horror and lust as the tip of a tentacle brushed across Lisa's pouty lips. Then it eased open her mouth and slipped inside. Her blue eyes opened wide as the thing bobbed in and out. Another tentacle snaked toward the lieutenant’s pussy, and Janet's own cunt moistened at the sight. Had it really been so long since she'd had a good pounding that a tentacle turned her on? Or was it watching Lisa- the woman she'd worked alongside for years- in the throes of such strange pleasure.

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