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Basic Herbal Guide

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The Basic Herbal Guide teaches you the benefits and uses of herbs of some common and not so common herbs. It also tells you their drug interactions and contraindications or when not to use them. The Basic Herbal Guide also teaches you how to make herb infused oils, herb butters, and herbal teas.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. American Ginseng
Chapter 2. Arnica Flowers
Chapter 3. Bromelain
Chapter 4. Calendula Flowers
Chapter 5. Chamomile Flowers
Chapter 6. Comfrey Leaves
Chapter 7. Devil’s Claw
Chapter 8. Elderberry
Chapter 9. Garlic
Chapter 10. Green Tea
Chapter 11. Kava Kava
Chapter 12. Lavender Flowers
Chapter 13. Nettle
Chapter 14. Passionflower
Chapter 15. Rosemary Leaves
Chapter 16. Skullcap
Chapter 17. St. John’s Wort Flowers and Leaves
Chapter 18. Turmeric
Chapter 19. Valerian
Chapter 20. How to Make Herb Infused Oils
Chapter 21. How to Make Herb Butters
Chapter 22. How to Make Herbal Teas

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