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Make Her Pregnant (Breeding Erotica)

32 pages22 minutes


Ovulating can drive a woman mad with lust. Zoe is an uptight, picky girl who hates sex. She sends an urgent message to her friend, Sadie. "Help me find a guy to make me pregnant, I want it done today."

She goes with her friend to a nearby park, searching for a single father that she can seduce. "A guy who's already a father is preferable, shows that what they have down there works, and they won't be too clingy."

CONTENT WARNING: This story includes explicit and hardcore descriptions of breeding sex for impregnation. It is meant for adult readers only.

"I'm ready,” Zoe said frankly. “Don’t let me move. Don’t let me escape. Just hold my legs back so that I have no control over myself. No matter what I say, don't take it out of me until it makes me pregnant."

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