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You Are A Success

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FROM $UCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE Series covers 6 important issues: Success, Adversity, Supergoals, Forgiveness, Love and Life Purpose.
This SERIES is the absolutely pure gold. You will learn how to shift your thinking to create fortune and success. Let’s travel with Richard Carswell, to know in the last 30 years those stories and poems he collected. By the way, why he call them secrets because only few people use them. Actually, when you use them you’ll join in the top 3% elite in the world. Some stories about celebrity and super star sportsman, some about Richard, but most is about people like you who made great contribution FROM SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE.

It is not a book about good ideas! This book is about Universal Law! These timeless principles have been used by successful men and women since the dawn of human civilization. They have helped millions of people of all races, religions and cultures. No matter where you are at in your life they can help you too. If you have made the choice to achieve wealth, happiness, fulfillment and live up to your own magnificent potential then all you have to do is go FROM SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE.

YOU ARE A $UCCESS 1/6 helps you discover
1. Why overnight success is a myth
2.15 essential principles of success
3.Beyond the "Stranget Secret"
4.How your thoughts control your life
5.9 steps to successfully adapt to change
6.Your rewards equal your service

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