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My Android Affair

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When Dana's husband Jim buys an android to help Dana out with the household chores, she is thrilled to have another set of hands around the house. But as the weeks go by, Dana starts having naughty thoughts about the anatomically correct droid. She comes up with a plan to seduce him, and the android, William, is eager to serve his mistress!

Warning: This 3500+ word short contains lonely housewives, sexy androids and graphic sex scenes. May be too hot to handle!


I bit my lip as I watched him dust, and almost as if he knew, William turned to me. “Yes, Miss Dana?” He asked. There was nothing in his polite, warm voice that could have indicated his mechanical origins.

“Nothing, William. Just letting my mind wander.”

“Would you care to take a break? We could certainly sit for a few moments.”

I smiled and moved toward a chair, indicating he come with me. “That would be nice.” A companionable silence settled between us as I let my mind wander once again. It ran to the state of my marriage. Between Jim’s infrequent visits and my lack of wanting to be around him in general, it would be of very little surprise to anyone that I was completely and utterly unsatisfied. In every aspect.

Thinking about how handsome William was, therefore, perfectly natural. Also perfectly harmless. I knew what he looked like naked, and it pleased me. I bit my lip imagining those perfect, dexterous hands sliding into my skirt and playing with me. I shifted in the chair and was surprised to feel how wet I was already. Just from a harmless fantasy?

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