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The Book with the Catchy Title (Fire in the Belly)

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The selection of a worthy activity is largely one of choice. You can be ambitious and energetic or lazy and unproductive. Productive activities aren’t always work, but they do push your life forward. It isn’t enough to plod along—not for you. You want certain benefits from life and it’s up to you to achieve them.

If business is the primary interest, then this book will show ways to support your business activities. If your interests are intellectual, it will show ways to improve your skills, develop your mind, and provide the satisfaction of accomplishment. It’s easy enough to picture some self-motivators. It isn’t always easy to assess one’s own motivation. This book will help you do both. If it offers but a single nugget of advice, it would be that whatever you wish to achieve requires PASSION. This book will help you to find, identify, and use your innate passion to achieve your goal.

Those who are passionate about an activity are in a hurry to achieve or conquest that which, to them, is success. Attacking your mission with passion does not mean you must jump into the deep end of the pool to see if you can swim. It does not mean that you must expose yourself to foolish danger merely to accomplish a goal. It does mean that more extensive planning must be completed; more extensive data gathering will be needed, more thorough deployment of resources will be necessary; and the activity must be shaped during its operation. Deadlines have a way of setting a firm endpoint for any effort, and the role of passion in the enterprise is to make a deadline unnecessary.

Eventually someone will suggest that to employ passion in one’s pursuits, sacrifice is needed. Activities consume finite resources: time, money, effort, choices, and passion. By necessity, these are exchanges and substitutes, one for the other. And yet, when life’s challenges must be met, we must find ways either to increase or reallocate the resources available to accommodate the necessities.
We’ll explore those activities where you will expend effort, gaining techniques for developing and using that fire in the belly. If an activity is worth doing, worth doing well, worth doing quickly, it’s also worth achieving thoroughly.

The themes of this book are: “Ambition. Attitude. Work Habits. Planning. Persistence. Commitment. Performance. Evaluation. PASSION.”

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