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The Real Skinny: On Getting and Staying Skinny

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The healthiest way to lose weight, for good!
And be healthy! You’ll be that first, and skinny 2nd!

In this eBook, we share how to keep the weight off, indulge in whatever we want to eat! Even with minimal exercise!

We know some people just like to get right to the point, and not want to have to read paragraphs and paragraphs of 250+ pages on how to lose weight. By the time you’ve finished reading those 250 page long books, you’ve spent more time reading than actually putting the weight loss methods to use!


“I have a two year old daughter— I’ve been through a pregnancy. My weight was off within the first 4 weeks. And I have kept it off.

Having a baby, and baby fat, is no excuse for not losing the weight you want to lose. It’s not that sweet baby’s fault is it? No.”

We share how she did it. Whether you’re a teenager, young adult with children or no children- this way of life is a way anyone can live.

The best part about this new way of eating that will help you get to your proper weight, is that it is just that! It is not a monthly supplement you’ll be enslaved to keep purchasing to keep your weight down.

You have to eat anyway! – we share what the special foods are that keep the weight off.

“I’m not plagued by what I can and cannot eat all day. It does not consume my everyday thoughts. I hear this from my girlfriends, and I can’t stand to listen to it!

Be like me!
Skinny, Healthy, Care-free!

I eat ice cream. I eat pizza. I eat cookies.”

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