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Eat-Love-Pie and Twist

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Have you ever eavesdropped on other people’s intimate conversations at a cafe or a pub? If yes, you know how exciting this can be. And, if not, here is your chance.

Two Pubs - One Theme: Modern-day Love. How to attain it and how to keep it? What does sex, romance and love look like in this day and age? Men and women are equal, right? Really?

Join this playful exploration of our deepest desires and find out some of the hidden truths of our era.

Do Iris and Matthew know what they want in a partner? Do Ian and Madeleine find what they are looking for? Can the naive optimism of a friendly youngster lighten up the mood? May the wisdom of an ancient sage offer guidance? Or, will the poignant perspective of a war veteran shake things up to the core?

Allow yourself to be swept along the dialogues of these colorful characters... Could any of this lead to new insights?... You may be surprised at the power of a tiny twist in awareness...

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