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Sublime Adoption ~ A Tale of Love and Mendacity

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The theme of this general fiction novel will vastly appeal to a mixed-age range, starting with young adults.
Although true love and romance abound and may appear to be the crux of this story, they subtly merge with other divergent topics, mainly the humane aspects of adoption - both sides of it.
The story begins with coming of age situations that result in four young adults quickly maturing by the mere force of life turns and poor choices. The senseless reasoning of two young lovers, who always wanted more, resulted in a plethora of lies and deception. Their selfish, egotistical actions got them deeper and deeper into a tumultuous sea of mendacity very difficult to escape. Their actions changed the lives of a couple in love, who chose to undertake the humane task of raising an adopted child.

In one way or another, the story delves deeply into the drama of a young woman longing to undo her deceptive past, and a tortured man trying to emerge from an interrupted, unfulfilled life. To their credit, they never tried to hurt anyone; nonetheless, their convoluted thinking caused anxiety and pain - with other unintended consequenses.
The new events in the final chapters sealed the fate of many in a grand finale surprise ending. No one could have predicted the reaction of those involved in the final saga and the lessons learned from it. All happenings combined opened the path to forbearance and new beginnings for all. There is no telling as to what else might happen in a sequel ...

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