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For All To See (Exhibitionism / Sex on Stage Erotica)

34 pages31 minutes


It all starts innocently for a girl looking to earn fast cash volunteering for medical research. But the allure of easy money leads her down a dark path. The more kinky and extreme the experiments get, the more she questions her decisions. When she is offered an elusive spot in an "elite" trial, she is shocked by what is expected of her. Can she turn down the pile of cash? Does she even want to?

For All To See is a ~8,000 word erotic story which contains explicit depictions of sexual acts including exhibitionism, masturbation, bondage, voyeurism, sex on stage, sex toys, anal penetration, doctor fetish, robot fetish and much more. This story is intended for an adult audience only!

Excerpt: [censored]

As he had been connecting the various electrodes to me, brushing my skin with his warm fingers, my state of arousal had been increasing. Now, with him watching me spread my legs slowly, I started breathing harder trying desperately to keep my arousal under control. One of the monitors started beeping insistently. I could hide nothing!

Dr. Johnson reached up to switch on an examining light and swung the lamp so that it spotlighted my exposed pussy. He reached with his left hand and spread [cut] with his long fingers and then inserted the monitor [cut]. I gasped slightly as his fingers seemingly lingered [cut].

"I need to get this positioned just right. Just bear with me..." Dr. Johnson continued wriggling his fingers [cut]. A heat exploded between my legs. My pussy was throbbing with desire. I fought every instinct in me to keep from raising my hips off the table and thrusting into his [cut]. I vaguely heard the monitor's beeping increase, but I was focused on appearing unaffected. Just as I thought I might groan out loud, Dr. Johnson removed his fingers, swiping my throbbing [cut] on the way out. My back arched slightly, but I don't think he noticed.
The TV screen blinked on. The giant screen filled with the image of me, naked with legs splayed wide open on the table. The screen was showing me exactly what the people in the gallery were viewing. Shock tingled through my body.

"Are you ready to begin? ...

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