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Golden Dawn Rituals Volume One: Neophyte Ritual: Three Officer Version

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One of the ongoing problems facing students of the Golden Dawn tradition is a lack of functional lodges. There are many reasons for the lack of functional lodges, including an absence of enough qualified people to serve as officers.

Often a student is forced to be a long distance member of a group or go the route of self-initiation due to the absence of a lodge in their area. There remains another option, and that is to create their own lodge to study the mysteries of the Golden Dawn tradition.

This particular version of the Neophyte (0=0) Grade initiation arose out of the workings of Bast Temple (BIOGD/BIORC). During the opening days of Bast Temple, there were only four members, which left the lodge well below the number of officers required to perform the traditional Neophyte ritual. Out of necessity arose a ritual that called for only three officers.

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