Stroke How to Deal with It!
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Stroke:How to Deal with It!

A stroke is known also known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

There is usually someone suffering from one every minute.

It happens when the blood vessel to a part of the brain is blocked (due to a blood clot) or burst.

The brain cells in that part cannot get the oxygen and nutrients so they are damaged and unable to function.

When the brain cells is damaged, there is loss of function of the part of the body controlled by the brain cells

Chapter 1 What is Stroke?

Chapter 2 What is the cause of Stroke?

Chapter 3 What are the risk factors of Stroke?

Chapter 4 What is Temporary Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack?

Chapter 5 What are the symptoms and signs of Stroke?

Chapter 6 How is the Diagnosis of Stroke made?

Chapter 7 What is the Treatment of Stroke?

Chapter 8 What is the Rehabilitation Treatment After Stroke?

Chapter 9 How to Care for Stroke Patient?

Chapter 10 How to Prevent Stroke?

Chapter 11 Sex and Stroke

Chapter 12 What are the Complications of Stroke?

Chapter 13 Drugs and Stroke

Chapter 14 Epilogue

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