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Date Night Lust

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Laura and Ethan have been dating for three weeks, and Ethan wants to celebrate with a nice dinner and a night in a hotel. Laura knows she's in for a wild and wonderful night.

Warning: this adult short story of approximately 3000 words contains oral sex in a moving car, black lingerie, kissing in an elevator, and much more. Read at your own risk!


“Cold? Let me warm you up,” Ethan turned her around, pulled her against him with one arm and buried his other hand in her hair, holding her still. He kissed her softly, too softly, so she whimpered and tried to move into him only to feel herself held back by the tug of his hand. Ethan moved his tongue over her lips, teasing her as he slid it into her mouth. Kristen eagerly kissed him back, and he pulled away, keeping her trapped as he toyed with her, one hand clamped hard around her butt, fingers perilously close to the seam between her legs. Kristen tried to pursue him and found that she couldn't move toward him at all, held tight by his hand. Ethan laughed at her. He kissed her hard then, so she rocked up on her toes and pressed against him, and then he stopped suddenly, smiling.

“So mean,” Kristen laughed, breathless, as he wrapped an arm around her and started for the car again.

“Warm, now, aren’t you?” Ethan asked, flippantly, but he slid a hand down and goosed her through her coat.

They got in the car, and once the heated seats warmed up she unbuttoned her coat and sighed.

“Is it really a thirty minute drive to get back to the hotel?” Kristen asked wistfully.

“You wanted to go to that restaurant,” Ethan reminded her.

“Well so did you. How well do you think you know this stretch of highway?” She squeezed his leg just above the knee. He shifted in his seat a little.

“Pretty well.”

“Mmm, well be careful.” She trailed her fingers up the inside of his thigh, making his breath catch . . .

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