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This is a time of transitions. You are transitioning between being a child and being an adult.
When you were a child, people told you what to do at nearly every moment of your life. Your parents were there to watch you. When they dropped you off at school there was always a teacher there to watch you. Every moment of every day you have been under the authority of a responsible adult. That is all about to change.
You accepted constant supervision in the past. Maybe didn’t even notice it. But now it bothers you. Soon, it will be difficult for you to tolerate. God made you that way.
When you were born, your brain was the brain of an infant. It was not just smaller than an adult brain; it was different in many ways. You were not able to make rational decisions concerning the impact of your actions.
We (the other adults and I) did not expect you to remain an infant for your entire life. We did not think that you were born a baby and would always be a baby. We expected you to grow and change. We planned for that.
From the time you were born till now, you have been following a carefully prepared plan aimed at developing you into an adult. We understand the development of your brain and we have prepared instructions optimized for each stage of your development. Your parents and teachers have watched your development step by step and have corrected the program to maximize its effect on you individually. All aimed at making you a responsible adult able to follow the direction of the spirit of God.
The transitions class marks one very important milestone on your march to spiritual maturity: the “Age of Accountability”.
The ”Age of Accountability” occurs when your brain develops to the point where God thinks it is time for you to hear the voice of the spirit of God. This is a dramatic change. At this point, you become no longer accountable to your parents, but accountable to God.

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