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Girl Talk: Cocktails

43 pages34 minutes


It's late in the evening and the cocktail bar is almost empty. When Jackie gets talking to the barman she doesn't expect to start sharing stories of her exploits with Mel and Neil... she doesn't expect the barman to tell her about some of the things he's seen here at the bar. But once you start that kind of conversation it's a slippery slope and it's not long before Jackie and the barman are inventing an altogether new cocktail of their own.

A very adult story of oral and public sex from the bestselling author of Bad Again, Private Party and the Knee-tremblers series.

This book also includes a complete free bonus story:

Knee-tremblers: Forbidden Fruit
Tell me: am I a bitch? Am I a double-crossing slut? No. On second thoughts, don't tell me. I know the answer. What we did that night was wrong, I know. A snatched moment away from the party, a moment of madness. That's all it was. But once you've tasted forbidden fruit, is there ever any going back?

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