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Too Much Magic

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In Too Much Magic, Pepper Paull, a good witch, lives alone with her familiar, an owl named Whittlesbee, and runs a small magic book shop. Most of her business is from other witches or those curious about magic and magicals. In Baltimore, as in most other cities, there is a full range of people, humans and magicals.
Magicals include werewolves, witches, vampires, elves and many others.
Pepper is the last of the Hesperus witches, a powerful family of good witches out of the Hidden. With many attempts on her life, illegal retribution, she’s grown used to uncertainty and danger. So she lives quietly, drawing no attention to herself while helping those who cross her path. Her one passion and pursuit is the learning of magic.
Then a mysterious cloaked figure sends Pepper to a secret auction to buy an infamous book that had once been deliberately lost in the sea.
There are others who want the book and others who want the book along with the witch who can interpret and use the magic within.
This one book propels Pepper onto a path she might have preferred avoiding. Pepper is not one to turn from a challenge, but can she maintain the integrity that is a fundamental of her life, while fighting for her freedom? Is it destiny that rips her from her quiet life or something more random? As the last of her line is she the jewel her forebears hope for?
The ghosts who have trained her from childhood now hint at Purpose.
When a young werewolf girl comes into her life, needing her help, she is caught up in the conflict. With them is a Lawyer, a Huntsman from Hell and a guy named Mike...
Pepper’s life will never be the same.
This is Book 1 of The Merged Worlds series

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