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School's In Session: Hump My Rump

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School's back in session, and after a long, celibate summer, Ryan Collins finally reunites with an older man he had been hooking up with on a regular basis.

Warning! This story contains graphic depictions of filthy M/M sex acts.

After the traffic cleared out, I saw that the downtown exit was only a few miles down the road. The next thing I knew, I was parking my Ford Focus outside of Trevor's apartment. He lived alone in a top floor flat in one of the more posh parts of downtown. I was still rock hard, and when I reached the stairs, I could hardly contain myself. Reaching Trevor’s door, I knocked and waited impatiently for him to answer. After a few seconds, he did; I couldn't have been more relieved.

He was already naked and half erect in anticipation of the fun we were about to have. Wasting no time and making no small talk, Trevor quickly stripped off my pants, T-shirt, and underwear until I was standing nude in the middle of his living room.

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