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How to Get Funding For Your New Product Idea

23 pages43 minutes


Before you seek funding you need to understand how investors will evaluate you and your product idea.

This guidebook takes you through the true methods to get funding. Based on 24 years of experience, the easy to read guidebook takes you through the important step-by-step procedures.

You'll discover:

* Steps - The steps to get funding from investors
* Stages - The various stages of funding depending on your situation
* Debt vs Equity - The pros and cons of debt and equity funding
* Investors - Who the investors are and where to find them
* Evaluation - How investors will evaluate your idea using the 4M method
* VCs - How to work with venture capitalists
* Business Plan - How to structure a business plan and the questions investors want answered
* Failure - Reasons for failure to get funding
* SBA - How to get SBA backed loans
* Special Funding - Other lesser known forms of funding

* And more.

The material is clear and concise. There's no fluff. I understand your time is valuable and you want to get to the meat of the issues quick and easy.

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