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Academic Affairs (Gay Professor/Student Erotica)

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Daniel is a lonely college student about to graduate, drowning in the responsibilities that come with school. When his friend drags him out to a bar to try and relax, he runs into a hot professor he's had a crush on for the longest time--a man that Daniel quickly learns is also desperately in need of some real fun. Could this finally be the hot night they've been begging for?

Warning: This 4400 word story contains explicit student/professor sex, including fiery oral and anal play.


The two walked to the booth immediately to the right of the one that Daniel and Scott had occupied and each took a side. Daniel felt Jack’s long legs rub against him as they got situated. He really liked how that felt.
They talked and talked and talked, ordering more drinks at the night went on. It literally seemed to dissolve as they poured out their hearts to each other. Daniel’s cock throbbed in his jeans as he watched—and appreciated—Jack talking. He was so brilliant and attractive—and he was gay! It really didn’t seem like things could get any better than this. Suddenly, Daniel felt Jack’s leg run against the inside of his thigh. Was it an accident? His knee had surely run across his erection.
“I feel that,” Jack said. He started into Daniel’s eyes, sending a burning sensation through his body. “I feel how that feels.”
Daniel was shocked, but titillated. “”
“Daniel, I think you should come with me tonight. Take a real break, okay? My apartment is only a few blocks away from here.”
“Of course.” How could Daniel ever turn down an opportunity like this? His love was really inviting him back to his apartment? “You’re sure?”
“You need it, Daniel—and I need it. I think we both want it too.” His voice suddenly seemed much huskier. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go pay my tab.”

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