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Newhalf Holiday (T-Girl Encounters)

25 pages24 minutes


Deb was celebrating her new found freedom in Las Vegas after her divorce was finalized. She was glad to be rid of her lecherous ex-husband. Deb wasn’t looking for a night of passion, but she wasn’t about to turn one down either. However, when she meets two Japanese girls, discovers they are newhalf, Japanese transsexuals, and they want Deb to help them live out their fantasies of having sex with an American woman, Deb isn’t sure what to do. But one look at those pretty girls and Deb knows she’s ready for a newhalf holiday.

The first in a new series, called T-Girl Encounters, Newhalf Holiday is exactly what you would expect from Marlene Sexton. Lots of hot sex with a little heart on the side the way only Marlene knows how to serve it up. Are you ready for a T-Girl Encounter?

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