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Lycan's Secret

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A hand grabbed her upper arm and yanked her back from the water before she landed. Cami found herself pressed against a wet, firm chest. Alexandru's chest and he wasn't letting go.

"Saved your life," he murmured down at her, hands now wrapped around her upper back, holding her tightly to him. Cami could only look up, open mouthed for a second, caught off guard by Alexandru's familiarity. He'd never so much as glanced at her since she arrived.

That moment passed.

Cami growled, pushing away through sheer force of will and almost landed back in the water. He caught her again, but let go as soon as he pulled her upright.

"Why did you grab me?" Cami hissed at Alexandru. How dare he touch her like that. He had no right to her.

"Sorry, I didn't know you could swim," Alexandru said, brushing past her and continuing on across the river.

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