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Small Town Glory

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Eli wakes every morning and sees stories. He can’t help it.

Eli is just an 18-year-old with tree-bark eyes who is trying to make sense of a few things: a sister who cries herself to sleep most every night because of past abuse, a father who drinks until he cannot see straight, and a mother who has a strong spirit but a frail body. But when he witnesses the Millbury police pull the bloated body of a classmate from the Brandywine river, Eli changes. Gets spooked. He takes a video camera and begins to interview the people in his small town that have been close to death.

This is how Eli becomes a storyteller. The stories that he films and pens down in a leather-bound journal claw close to his heart. The stories speak to him in the black of night and force Eli to come to grips with harrowing truths about the nature of life in a small town.

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