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Consideration For Every Living Thing
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Humanity's survival hinges on IMMEDIATE CHANGE - one person at a time! Kindness, caring, and fairness – harmlessly – in one’s thoughts, words, and actions are the only way to PEACE and HARMONY worldwide. Examples for all of us were lived by Jesus the Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, and many others.
Five decades of research, diligence in the practice of harmlessness, and meditation all come together in the writings you will find in this booklet, meant to bring to mankind’s attention, once again, the necessity of living harmlessly in every kingdom on earth: mineral, plant, animal, and human.

Passionate 'watchman' for the nations, Car Ingman has been FREELY providing America with his information for decades. It is now time to make it available internationally, anticipating others assistance in shouting the urgency and danger of humanity's situation from the rooftops!

May we each set the pace for those around us, by living in harmony.

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