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What Katie Did (Knee-tremblers #5)

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Maybe I really am a slut. What kind of girl has an affair with her best friend's man? What kind of girl gives that man a hand job before she even gets into his house?

Well... perhaps the kind of girl who, when she learns that her friend Katie has known about the affair all along and had even encouraged and helped plan it, doesn't get mad at the deception. Perhaps the kind of girl who takes that as an invitation to get down and dirty with Katie too.

Fifth story in the Knee-tremblers series, What Katie Did is an explicit adult story of adulterous sex and threesomes from the bestselling author of Private Party, Bad Girls and the popular Danger Fucks series.

"I've just read the first book and I loved it" Katie Cramer, author of Rip Off My Panties and What Lisa Did

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