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All the Erotic Fantasies You'll Ever Need (4 Sizzling Situation Immersion Erotic Stories!)

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Simply put, this bundle literally offers all the erotic fantasies you'll ever need. Get into the minds of women giving it their all as a phone sex operator, a professional domme, an exotic belly dancer and an adult film star! Don't miss out on 18000 words of sizzling erotic action!

Price if bought seperately: $11.96
Price of bundle: $8.99 -> You save 25%!

Fantasies of a Phone Sex Operator

From your perfect girlfriend, Sandy, to your personal kinky domme, Domina von Sinstress, I am, whoever you want me to be. It doesn't matter if you're a first time caller or male sub who knows exactly what he wants. The second you dial that number on your phone, you plunge yourself into a world of my fantasies that also become yours...

[WARNING: This sizzling 4000 word experience contains explicit scenes described in steamy, graphic language, uncensored phone sex, the girlfriend treatment, bdsm, femdom, dungeons, candle play, spanking, whipping and much more! Adults only.]

Fantasies of a Professional Dominatrix

Control - I personify it. And work as a professional dominatrix suits me perfectly. Dominating salarymen in Tokyo is a hard but fulfilling job, especially for an exotic blonde like me. Bondage, domination, feet fetish, ball gags, whipping, chastity belts, I've experimented with them all. But when a colleague pulls a no-show tonight, I'm stuck with five slaves instead of one. Let the fun begin!

[WARNING: This sizzling 5700 BDSM menage experience contains heavy BDSM, shibari (bondage), feet licking, domination, slaves, pegging, pleasure denial, chastity belts, ball gags, cunninglingus and much more! Adults only.]

Fantasies of an Exotic Dancer

Nazira's the Sultan's favorite dancer and lover. Summoned to entertain him and his guests, she also catches the eye of the handsome Sheik before she leaves, much to the chagrin of the Sultan. But when the Sultan agrees to a threesome with Nazira and the Sheik in order to seal a trade deal that'll save the Sultan's kingdom, Nazira's plunged into a world of bliss that's beyond her imagination.

[WARNING: This 4100 word story contains graphic scenes described in explicit language, menage, threesomes, oral sex, blowjobs, cunninglingus, anal sex, double penetration and much more!]

Fantasies of an Adult Film Star

Lights, camera, action! Such is the glamorous life of a film star. But as a star that does adults films, I get all of the above minus the clothes! Do you dare follow a day in my life, especially one where I'm double teamed by two co-stars playing as my teacher and principal on camera?

[WARNING: This 3900 erotic experience contains graphic scenes described with explicit language, threesomes, double penetration, oral sex, anal sex, voyeurism, filmed scenes, teacher-student power play and more! Adults only.]

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