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The Dublin Connection

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Sepp Richter was a spy in the Abwehr; Germany’s Secret Service. He was dispatched to Dublin to oversee a possible coalition with the IRA to help aid their plans to invade Northern Ireland.
Lidia Connelly was a bright and pretty young Irish woman raised in Dublin from humble beginnings. After attending Trinity College; she was deliberately coerced into joining the IRA. Fate soon had her meet Sepp Richter. Their mutual attraction was instant, which led to a passionate night at a small Dublin hotel. However, that night was one soon to turn into one of slaughter as there was a price on Lidia's head for murdering the previous local IRA boss. Betrayed, her location was given to his successor who immediately dispatched men to kill her.
Due to a misunderstanding, Richter thought they were after him and dealt with them the only way he knew how. This action was tantamount to starting a forest fire, forcing Lidia and Sepp to flee Dublin. Keen to stay on good terms with the IRA, Berlin sent their top assassin over to 'tidy up the mess' but Ireland hadn't quite finished with Richter and Connelly's services just yet!

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