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The World of Christian Worldview

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What Does the World Look Like to You?

This is a very confusing world. There are so many beliefs being hawked in the public square that it is hard to even keep track. Things used to be so much simpler. Up until two to three generations ago, almost everyone at least believed in God – most even in the God of the Bible. Not that everyone was a Christian, but they at least believed in God.

But now there are such a hodgepodge of beliefs – belief in no God or many gods or the “cosmos” or some God other than the Christian God. It is all so confusing.

The key to dealing with all of these problems is to get up to speed on the topic of worldview. Christians, in particular, need to grasp this in order to be able to stand strong in the face of the hostility toward Christians as well as to be effective in sharing a witness.

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis are foremost experts on this topic have been speaking and writing about it for years. This book is a treasure-trove of information composed of articles they have written to help Christians get up to speed about worldview. Here you will find a very powerful tool to help you make sense of the confusing world we live in.

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