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Way too often, the fire flickers out in a relationship. Many men become lazy, striving to get quick-draw, “drive-by” satisfaction from their partners. That leaves wives and girlfriends frustrated and wide awake, while their male companions lay satisfied and meeting the Sandman within minutes. Just another uneventful night of “dip, dive, and doze” that has become the routine.

Robert Johnson is no different with Tosha, his wife of five years. The marathons of the past have long become 50-yard sprints. When introduced to a new pill called Erectz, the mindless humping doesn’t improve; they just become more frequent. Fed up with the "male species," Tosha bands together with other like-minded women to expose men for what they really are—vile, selfish, lazy, and completely unnecessary. But they are good for one thing.

Premature Eradication is a two-part suspense series that has a unique spin on the age-old tale of a woman scorned, and a man unknowingly chosen to endure the greatest of all nightmares. As the saying goes, “when a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it” ... except run.

Published: James Lewis on
ISBN: 9781476386232
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