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Jersey Devil: The Cursed Unfortunate

350 pages5 hours


Locked away to die in the basement of his mother’s tavern, an infant thrives in darkness, becoming the very nightmare dreaded by settlers in colonial Leadestown, deep in the mysterious Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Freeing himself from his prison, this special child grows into a dreadful apparition terrorizing the night until he encounters a witch who knows his dark secret.

Their fates bound together, she teaches him the ways of the wilderness revealing even the secret of how to travel through time.

A savage conflict with the settler

forces him to flee into one of the magic holes that carries him into the future.

There he meets one who binds herself to him, heart and soul and he dares to imagine that he is capable of loving a human being.

Is he man or beast? Angel or devil?

Explore the pages of JERSE DEVIL, CURSED UNFORTUNATE and learn about this creature from the dark swamps, where wakefulness blurs into nightmare and reality and legend are one and the same.

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