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Are You Just Existing and Calling it a Life?

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Our passions define us, inspire us, empower us and ultimately give our lives meaning and purpose beyond merely existing.

But too many people have resigned themselves to accepting life rather than grabbing for all they can. Their existence is made up of boring and uninspired day-to-day routines offering no true fulfillment with no end in sight.

Life should be so much more. Life CAN be so much more.

Rather than just existing, instead of merely accepting life we have the power to choose to pursue what matters most to us. But to do so we need to find and follow our individual passion.

Join the search to better understand the roots of passion through examples and personal experiences shared by others who have found or are still searching for their way.

By understanding the source of these passions and identifying specific steps to take to empower each we can hope to take the first steps toward generating a blueprint of our purpose and the life we could be and should be living.

It is time to discover the passion each of has within. It is time to learn how to empower our passion to find purpose. Why should anyone settle for less?

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