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Ten Years Gone: An Erotic Reunion

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"The dreams were always different in some small way. But what was consistent, what was the same each and every time, was the feeling of how hungry I was for Mareta. How much I wanted this woman, always so close in memory, so far away.

"In the dreams, what never changed is how much she wanted me back, like I always knew she would..."

Ten years after the girl he loved disappeared from his life, his high school reunion offers the chance to see her again -- and to make ten years' worth of fantasies come to life.

This 8,600-word erotic ebook single is an explicit and graphically detailed exploration of romance and sexuality, exploring memories of teenage sexuality, fantasy sex, and one-night stands. It is intended for adults only.


Mareta stands at the juice bar, watching as Rob makes his exit. She's alone and off to the side of the crowd, so that no one really sees her except me where I walk up to her. When she sees me, she flashes a smile.

"Bad night," she says ruefully.

"No," I say. "Not anymore." And I see her look of surprise, feeling the faint tremble in her as I reach up to stroke her hair.

We're outside, walking through the gardens that run along two sides of the gym. The ever-present layer of junk food wrappers and other detritus that builds up here year-round has been cleaned up for prom, the one night of the year that these stands of juniper and boxwood and weeping willows look as romantic as they should.

The moon is almost full, high in the sky as Mareta leads me into the shadows. Her hand is shaking as she pulls me close to her, leaning up to kiss me hard. Then she's pushing me back against the gym wall and dropping to her haunches in front of me. The pale-yellow dress is silver-gold in the moonlight, swept up and over her legs so that it doesn't get dirty. I get a great view this way of her rose-print panties, one hand slipping inside them as the other fumbles with my fly...

What readers are saying about MUSE OF SHADOW:

"It is so wonderful to read erotica that makes use of the sensual side of our brain as well as engaging the carnal side too..."

"Detailed, dynamic, and interesting..."

"Wonderfully sensual..."

"Sexually tantalizing on virtually every page..."

MUSE OF SHADOW is a producer and purveyor of no-holds-barred erotic literature -- couple-friendly and written for people who believe that the imagination is the most important component of human sexuality. Our books are written to provide a workout for those most sensual muscles of the mind.

Sean Gerard Leah (though he more often works under a cleverly similar name) is a Boston-born, Seattle-based novelist, poet, journalist, and editor. With his wife Caelyn Alba, he is a founding partner of the erotic-lit publishing house Muse of Shadow.

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