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Crucifixion Of Love

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Milton is a born genius and everyone is proud of him in the village. His desire for perfection is the force behind his marvelous performance in science in university. Milton demonstrated a strong sense and mastery of the sciences and his outstanding results attracted a lot of girls to him.
Besides education, Milton is very handsome, and has a great sense of humor. All the girls in the university want to hang out with him but Milton is interested in just one. Janis is the lucky girl. Milton falls in love with Janis who had lived out of the village and was exposed to a different lifestyle. She loves Milton only because there is no other guy in the village to match up with him in terms of academics and handsomeness.
After high school, Milton and Janis enroll in the University where they are exposed to city life. In town, Janis gets to meet other guys and tell Milton she is done with him. Milton cannot admit it, and is poised to continue with the long relationship that started in the village. However Milton is left with no other option than to look for a different girl.
The great academician finally meets this shy beautiful girl Sandra. Sandra feels that Milton is too handsome for her and will not want to hang out with such a guy. After wooing her for a very long time, Sandra finally gives in but unfortunately for her, she is accepting Milton just at the time he has been granted a commonwealth scholarship to go and study in Great Britain. This brings sorrow into her life.
Janis discovers that, her ex-village lover has suddenly become a hot cake on campus girls are dying for him but Milton is interested in Sandra alone.
Milton is a die heart patriot. He will stop at nothing to defend his poor and beloved fatherland. While in London, he falls in love with a British girl but she is always sexually hungry.
Whenever, Milton is angry, he talks to no one and no music is capable of greasing his heart but when he hears the national anthem, he is back to live, and stands at attention.
Milton’s British girlfriend wants sex just at the time the Cameroon National anthem is being sung on TV will Milton crucify the love he has for his country just to satisfy his sexually hungry girlfriend?
Discover the outcome in the clash between sex and National pride. When Milton returns from Britain, he discovers that, his dream girl has become so cheap that students and lecturers toyed with her sexually. Which is better, a black flirt or a white woman whose desire for sex is unquenchable? That is Milton dilemma on the crucifixion cross of love.
At the beginning of his relationship with his British girlfriend, Milton thought he was only going to exploit her and one day disappear but on the contrary, he found himself hooked up in the web of a sexual predator.

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