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The Dollhouse Society Volume II: Rachaela

178 pages2 hours


The complete "Rachaela" series from Eden Myles, author of The Dollhouse Society Series. Includes a steamy bonus story that concludes Rachaela and Wolf's story. This collection includes:

The Rules of Conduct Inside the Dollhouse
The Rules of Engagement
Big, Bad Wolf
The War of the Roses
Beauty and the Beast
Bonus Story: Namibia, Six Months Later

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans who
service them...

*This book contains explicit sexual content, including themes of dominance and submission, voyeurism, consensual BDSM, and role-playing. It
is intended for a mature readership and is guaranteed to never make you look at fairy tales quite the same way again.*

Excerpt from the bonus story, Namibia, Six Months Later:

I marched up to Wolf and said, “Are you going in there or are you going to stay up in our rooms and hide out the whole evening?”

Wolf looked insulted that I was using my Mom voice on him. “I’m not hiding,” he insisted, though his normally gruff voice was tempered with
something like fear.

“He’s hiding,” Asia informed me with a nod. “And he’s changed his suit three times, Mom.”

“I’m not hiding, ducky,” he told Asia.

“Wolf,” I said, and leaned up to palm his cheek so he looked at me, only me. “Go talk to him. It’s Rainer. Your son. You may never have the
opportunity again.”

He pressed his lips together. His eyes were very serious, like a soldier standing before the firing line. “I don’t know him, Rachaela. He’s not the boy I knew.”

“Then get to know the man he’s becoming.”

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