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Ring of Power

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Dirk is a world class kayaker. He hires on with a research outfit for a bit of south seas adventure.
It seems that many small south seas islands are surrounded by a barrier reef. Sometimes the only way in or out to an island is via a small gap in the barrier reef and then only at high tide. Dirk's kayak skills provide a way to get to otherwise inaccessible islands.
Dirk goes in to an island that looks to be basically one gigantic rock. There's a way up the cliff that rises up from the beach, steep but barely manageable. When Dirk gets to the top of the rock he finds a sort of shallow bowl and a structure in a sheltered place near the rim of the bowl. There's not supposed to be a structure, as the island is supposedly uninhabited and uninhabitable.
Inside the structure, Dirk finds a ring, mostly buried in dirt along one wall. Without thinking, Dirk brushes the dirt off and then slides the ring on his finger for easy carrying.
Dirk then gets a call on his radio. The expedition people want Dirk back now! Actually the people aboard a large, unfriendly looking Navy type ship want Dirk back now. The people aboard the Navy ship have guns. When Dirk returns from the island, the Navy people seize Dirk's samples and order the research ship to leave. The ring is overlooked.
The research ship then visits a few more islands, inaccessible, except by kayak. The trip finishes up and the research ship steams for home, San Diego.
Back in San Diego, Dirk discovers that he can get what he wants from the girls and any girl he wants. This was not the case, before the trip and the ring.
There is then another trip and more work for Dirk and his kayak.
Dirk then becomes involved with some of the the PhD ladies aboard ship.
The second trip then ends with a trip back to the island where Dirk found the mysterious ring. Dirk then finds some answers and also finds a PhD lady.

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