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Around the World and Back Again

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Fifteen years ago Abby Walker’s fiancé, the love of her life and the man she had known since childhood, was killed in a tragic accident mere weeks before their wedding. The loss is devastating, and sends Abby into a downward spiral of grief. But somehow she manages to find love again, only to have it once more ripped from her hands when her husband, Spanish restaurateur Javier Saldana, is brutally murdered before her very eyes by a madman, Trevor Curtis, who, with his own agenda, had been stalking Abby.
CIA Agent Craig Harper is a part of Abby’s past and desperately wants to be a part of her future, but he knows it can never be, because unbeknownst to Abby he is the reason her fiancé, whose loss she still mourns, was killed fifteen years earlier. He is the reason her life was completely and utterly destroyed. Harper knows he cannot tell her the truth without losing her, but at the same time he cannot fully be with her unless she knows the truth.

The chance meeting with Javier Saldana thrusts Harper once more into Abby’s life, and before Javier was killed, Harper promised him he would protect Abby from Trevor Curtis. He intends to keep that promise and then disappear from Abby’s life, for good this time. But when Curtis returns and continues to terrorize Abby, Harper is forced to once again come face to face with her. He saved her once, but this time there is even more at stake, because Curtis is out for revenge and is seeking retribution for a life he was denied, no matter what the cost.

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