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The Dog at the Foot of the Bed

511 pages7 hours


Sixteen years ago the Shannen children were attacked and their home was destroyed. The oldest--twins Ovin and Siobhan--barely managed to whisk their siblings away to safety on a remote planet. Seeking revenge for the attack, Ovin became a hired assassin, while Siobhan entered corporate security service to bring about law and order--and to bring Ovin to justice.
Now someone is trying to kill the Shannens again. And another threat has surfaced: a terrible new weapon is cracking planets open like nuts and destroying them--a weapon that could be used on the Shannens' new home. Ovin has to find out who is behind these murderous projects, and stop them--but in order to find out who, he first has to discover why . . . and he's going to need Siobhan's help to do it.
But if he succeeds, he could lose his twin forever.
"Campbell's novel is a guessing game that will keep you wrong-footed until the very last page." - Edward Cox, [UK] Reviewer

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