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Danny Boy Stories--Age 6 (v2.1)

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--“Age 6” is the tale of an Indiana boy nearing his seventh birthday. He is escorted by an older family friend on a five-day, often mysterious, outing via steam locomotive.
Would you like to be turned loose in a toy factory distributor showroom to play? Or, could you be left alone at the lunch table while German spies try to figure out how to nab you so you will not expose them to the authorities? What about being trapped and kidnapped from a men’s room 500 miles from home? Is it just a small boy’s imagination, or did these things really happen back in 1945?
While events and happenings in this story are inspired by true incidents, any similarity to real persons places or things is purely coincidental. Are they just plain fun in the eyes of a little boy’s active imagination at the close of World War Two?
[NOTE: Foreign language words spoken by characters are printed in English and italicized for clarity.]

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