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Screwing My Straight Stepbrother (Male/Male PI)

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Jay can't help wanting to cheer up his broken-hearted stepbrother Dominic. But it's more than brotherly love as they bond over a good, old-fashioned porn binge. Can Jay hide his forbidden lust, or will Dominic tempt him into a night they'll never forget?

Warning! This short story contains 6,800 words of steamy stepbrotherly bonding including oral sex, fingering. and bareback anal. Adults only!

Screwing My Straight Stepbrother

If he were anyone else – or maybe if I was anyone else – I’d swear Dom was flirting. Or at least hinting. But maybe that’s what I wanted to believe. And maybe I just wasn’t thinking straight, because I found myself inclined to think he knew exactly what he was doing to me. “I could help with that, if you want.”

He laughed at first, but there was no mistaking what I meant. I was looking right at his crotch, even with his arm in the way. This would be it. That time I could look back on 20 years from now. That stupid time when I completely alienated my stepbrother. He’d stop talking to me. Move back out. Settle down with a pretty girl and never let me see his kids except for Christmas when he felt obligated because he was too ashamed to tell Mom and Dad what’d happened.

I could see him swallow, the swell of his adam’s apple bobbing. He wasn’t looking at me, instead focusing on the video. But from the way he shifted every now and again, I knew he wasn’t actually watching it. “Y-you know, you don’t have to ‘take one for the team’ just because I’m a miserable son of a bitch. I mean I appreciate it. Not sure Hallmark really makes cards to say thanks for that...”

A sound of frustration rumbled in my throat. I wanted to tug at my hair or just grab him and shake him. Instead I dropped onto the floor, making my way over to him. He didn’t flinch away, but he did tense a bit when I rested my hands on his knees. “Jesus, Dom. Yeah, I wish I could make up for what she did to you. I hate seeing you like this and I’d give anything to take that pain away, but... this isn’t a pity thing.” I looked up into his eyes, knowing I couldn’t stop. “You’re my best friend. I want you to be happy, and every night I dream about treating you the way you deserve to be treated.”


“You can close your eyes. Pretend I’m someone else. I don’t even care anymore, Dom. Just please...” I should have felt ashamed; completely disgusted with myself. Begging my brother to let me do this? Who was that pathetic; that desperate?

His eyes were still wide, his face paler than I remembered. I was sure he was just going to run any minute. Tell Mom and Dad that I needed to be locked up somewhere. But there was something behind it all. Loneliness. Curiosity. Lust.

Slowly he moved his arm, letting it rest on the beanbag chair instead of his lap. Still tense, but it was as much of an invitation as I was going to get.

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