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Lost in Palau

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The story is set in the post WWII tropical islands of Palau. The three friends work a small motorized launch tasked with cruising shallow inshore waters in search of the dangerous remains of war.

The three come across an unknown sunken wreck. They enlist the aid of a diver to search for valuable souvenirs, but a search reveals four unusual crates instead. The seamen set to work recovering the crates, but their diver soon dies in an accident. A new partner is needed for the underwater portion of the scheme so an agreement is struck with some female pearl divers stranded in the country.

Soon the seaman and divers are competing with
a ruthless group of treasure seekers. In the middle of this chaos a sailor and one of the pearl divers are drawn to each other. They form a bond as they make their way through escapes and subterranean chases.

This is a tale of adventure in a vein similar to the works of Alistair Maclean or Desmond Bagley.

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