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Crimson Angel

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On the day Alice broke up with Edmond, she bumped into an eccentric yet extremely gorgeous boy on the street. He claimed his name was Len. Things seemed to have got better after meeting him. And then, things started to aggravate...
With each passing day, Alice got more attracted to him. Still, everything about him remained a mystery. He refused to reveal things about his family and home. And his incredible abilities and inhuman beauty began to frighten Alice. With the recent peculiar happenings around the neighborhood and the sudden disappearance of Len, Alice was determined to find out the truth. About this mysterious boy who comforted her when she was at the bottom of life. About this unpromising love which she might not afford to risk. And most importantly, about her own feelings.
Yet, all she was about to learn was beyond what she called for. And the truth just seemed to drag her deeper and deeper down the hole she was already falling in.

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