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The Princess Mage: A Lesbian Tale of Sex and Magic

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Jessamine was a beautiful woman, reluctant princess and powerful mage. She could have any woman she wanted. So why was she so interested in Aeryn, a simple Witch?

Was it because of the spell Aeryn had cast? Not a silly schoolgirl love spell, but one that was deeper and unintentionally insidious, and might be forcing the Princess to feel the same way as Aeryn.

And Aeryn was feeling aroused... very aroused.

WARNING: This story contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sex, some unexpected bondage and more than its fair share of naughty language.

“Lesbian Tales of Sex and Magic” is an ongoing series set in a magical world of erotic fun. Follow along for stories of powerful princesses and wayward witches, dominant dryads and venturous vampires. You might even find a pert pixie named Mint.

A Quick Taste...

Aeryn pushed her finger downward. It slid easily, pushing Jessamine’s lips apart.

Jessamine breathed in sharply, sounding almost like a backwards scream.

Aeryn stopped moving her finger, surprised at the reaction. Then she remembered what Jessamine had told her before. “You weren’t joking, were you?”

“No,” Jessamine said, sounding as if she were out of breath.

“It’s a nice noise though. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right.” Aeryn twitched her finger, letting it slide a bit deeper.

Jessamine gave another miniature scream. Such a satisfying sound.

“So,” Aeryn said, trying very hard to resist the urge to find out what other noises Jessamine could make. “You wanted to know about my dream?”

“Uh,” Jessamine took a deep breath. “Yes... Now?”

“I wasn’t going to tell you at all, but... all things considered, it’s the perfect time.” Aeryn pushed her finger slightly deeper. “Since right now I don’t think you’d dare mock me.”

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