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A Pantomime Of African Drama And Life

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A Pantomime of African Drama and Life is an allegorical portrayal of some of the lessons embedded in Manyu Folklore. It is a revelation of African beliefs, stories, culture. The stories show the power of imagination. They have been formulated and written to bring moral lessons as well as wise teaching to many people across the globe and Africa in particular. It demonstrates exactly the method of education in Africa in the past centuries condemning vice in its totality. The book contains eleven chapters or sub stories, which includes anecdotes, fictions all of which address salient issues of contemporary society and above all demonstrates literary understanding, giving it an outstanding place in the contemporary literary world. They include:
Chapter 1: Fighting For Leadership
Chapter 2: The Most Expensive Joke: Ta-Agbor and the talking Hydrocoel!
Chapter 3: The Super Powers: Rain with Sunshine, Who Knows Why?
CHAPTER 4: Two Good Friends: The Dog and the Tortoise
CHAPTER 5: The Animal's Festival and the Chameleon
Chapter 6: Twin Ema and the Beautiful Bird
CHAPTER 7: Ngando and the Chimpanzees
Chapter 8: The Two Brothers and the Changing Time
CHAPTER 9: The Sheep becomes wise
CHAPTER 10: The Ungrateful Woman - A Bad Marriage
CHAPTER 11: The Journey to America and the Two Roads.

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