The Ramblers

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The Ramblers

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 15 pages10 minutes


Two friends, Sandy and Angela, join a rambling group in the hope of meeting boyfriends. The girls are unused to walking and ill-equipped for the expedition they set out upon.

Early in the walk Angela hurts her ankle and is tended by Rob, to whom she takes an instant liking. Another walker, Chris, offers to take her home but she turns him down, refusing to give up, and continues walking.

When Angela and Sandy later stray from the footpath, they lose sight of the rest of the group. As the weather deteriorates, the girls begin to despair and Angela’s injured ankle becomes unbearable.

Sandy reluctantly leaves Angela to try to find the other walkers. Events that follow challenge both girls' first impressions of their fellow ramblers.

"A really cute, well written short story," (5-Star Review, Barnes & Noble).

"Kinda cute. Good for young adults," (4-Star Review, Barnes & Noble).

"A great little story," (5-Star Review, Smashwords).

"Well-written short read," (Goodreads).

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