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Tombland Fair

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Norwich August 1272.
Nicolas de Bromholm lives with his parents and baby sister in 'The Mischief Tavern' and spends his summer playing with his dog, scrumping apples, learning to cook and trying to catch the eye of the mayor's beautiful daughter. When his father's best friend is murdered by a monk and riot turns to revolution, Nicolas' life is turned upside down. Living in a city besieged by Crusaders, their world in flames, Nick and his friends must choose which side they are on, that of the rulers, or that of the people.
Set in medieval England and inspired by historical events (the occupation and sacking of Norwich Cathedral), Tombland Fair tells the very modern, relevant and still unfolding tale of what happens when the governing regime pushes the people too far and what happens when the people push back.
Based on historical events, this novel also reflects and responds to the recent, so-called Arab Spring, when ordinary people took up arms to change a regime.

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