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Jumpin J Hose Is Fast

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Characters, characters, characters, all kinds of characters that's what the story is about. The reader is encouraged to think of these characters and match them with real life characters that the reader has come across. You most likely will find like characters in your life. It's all tongue in cheek and I hope you will get a laugh out of it.
Warning, the use of the fowl language is everywhere in the story and necessary because it comes from a real live person. Yes, I knew a person who was just a foul mouthed as the Doctor in the story. He wasn't a doctor but his mouth was real.
The characters are the foreground of the story but the background is just as intriguing. It lets you ask yourself the question, “What would I do if I could walk through walls?” Ask your friends and see what funny or tragic answers you will get. One man found a way to do it and he decided to raid Fort Knox and many other banks for their gold. That's when he found out he needed secrets to secure his ill gotten gains. Secrets equal power and the power players couldn't let him have that power.
It is also a story of the ridiculous lengths people in power will go to, to get even more power. There never seems to be enough power to satisfy them. He taunted the most powerful people in the world and dared them to chase him.
Chase him they did. Join the chase and try to figure out where it will end. QUANTA CAN!

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