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A novel of the LaNague Federation – Book Three

Heroes don't always look the part.

He was a tery, a lean, bearish creature with no name. The human soldiers left dead. Just another dumb animal on their extermination list.

But he didn't die.

Animals weren't the only beings on the list. Certain humans were marked for extinction as well. A fugitive band found him and brought him back from the brink. He became their pet, their mascot.

And still he had no name. He was simply "the tery."

He soon learned that these were no ordinary humans, and learned too that he was no ordinary tery. The humans had no idea that the creature they fed table scraps and patted on the head would soon turn their world upside down and change it forever.

By then he had a name.

Set on a distant world nearly destroyed by its human settlers, THE TERY is a beauty-and-the-beast fable that only F. Paul Wilson could tell, full of wonder and horror, brimming with strange landscapes and hideous mutations from science run amok. An unforgettable tale of the extremes of the human spirit – of bravery and depravity, of innocence and evil.

"This early short novel by F. Paul Wilson was written at a point when the author was beginning to understand that horror... was the genre he should focus on. THE TERY is certainly not a straightforward scare novel... Wilson began adding horrific elements to his pseudo-fantasy beauty-and-the-beast tale. The creepy stuff includes 'The Hole,' a nightmarish place where failed results of genetic experimentation have been dumped... the eerie way the tribe of telepaths that the tery bonds with practices 'humane hunting'... where we see how radically religion can change after a number of generations... the clever, cool prose that makes Wilson such an easy read is evident... anyone interested in tracking the development of a major genre writer will find much to satiate his or her curiosity." – Fangoria's Nightmare Book Of The Month, Tom Deja

Published: F. Paul Wilson on
ISBN: 9781452406497
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