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Three Proudly Defiant Provocateurs Bring Home the Gold

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The Proudly Defiant Provocateurs are three anonymous civil rights defenders, gay men in flamboyant Cavalier costumes, who periodically appear in public to support causes or to oppose abuses. In this case they lock horns with a right wing group who are determined to keep the trio from getting public approval for supporting a voter registration program. This leads to the trio teasingly harassing the bigots by appearing at secret events sponsored by them despite not being invited and the right wingers sending poorly produced clones to an event where the Provocateurs are expected with the intent of sowing false images of them.
To fund their own activities (without using their personal money) the right ringers plan to have some gold “stolen” from them (and secretly returned) but also replaced by insurers – and blame the theft on the Provocateurs. But the Provocateurs turn things around so the right wingers unwittingly donate the gold to a social program the Provocateurs support.
Finally, to avoid incrimination, the right wing must stop trying to recover the money they arranged to have stolen that actually was stolen from their people - which is then donated to fund the community projects the Provocateurs are promoting.

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