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A Great Empire And A University

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The Great Empire Of Nocontia:

The great empire of Nocontia is the story of a great empire, which existed some 10.000 years ago. This story was narrated by Grand Pa Zed, to his great grandson Akim on his 18th birthday. The immortal great grandfather of Akim Zed had existed since the birth of this great empire. In fact he was the past present and future of the empire of Nocontia.
The story explains the rise and birth of the first empire in the world formed by the reunion of the village with the aim of fighting a common enemy, which was a dreadful disease. This village had to be united in order to overcome this enemy as it was only a network of unity which could help cure the disease. This gave birth to the Nocontia Empire.
Grand Pa Zed later continues to explain how this great Nocontia empire was destroyed by man. The empire was split up by the two sons of King Argon, Persia and Harlot. However, the empire of Nocontia was later reunited by the successor of King Persia Usman.The great empire that had once fallen was rebuilt.
But it didn’t end there.
Grand Pa Zed continued to explain the birth of sorcery and magic in the Nocontia Empire. There was a lot of magic and sorcery being practiced in the empire.
Once again the Nocontia Empire had been destroyed. But with the revelation of the existence of the stone of tears, and the mirror of horrors, the young heir to the throne Morgan, and his witch cousin ZedZed destroyed the thorns of witches (Union of Magic Power or Source).
But this newly-found peace did not last for a long due to the return of the witch queen Zebela with her mission to avenge the death of the thrones of wishes. With her failure and her death at the mountain of reeds, it signified the end of sorcery in the Nocontia Empire.
It was only then that the grandson of Grand Pa Zed Akim realized that it was not only an interesting story but in the story also lay his destiny, as he was destined to be the long awaited King of the Nocontia Empire and perhaps the greatest King ever.

The University Of Buea: To Be Or Not To Be?:

The 21st century is a period of self-actualization for many a man. Marked improvements in science and technology from the close of the 18th century until present date have come to make man more aware of his environment and given him the opportunity to get the best out of it. Among these bound breakers are the organization into communities more properly governed by elected leaders, the discovery of the computer and many more advances in communication, which have transformed the world into a global village. Furthermore, marked advances in medicine and other health sciences has led man to understand better, the complex functioning of the human body. Unfortunately, nothing good comes easy and nothing useful comes without a price tag. At times, the price is as costly as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The greatest question of all is who pays the price? Is it still he who calls the tune that pays the piper or he can oblige another person to pay in his place?
“The University of Buea: To be or not to be?” aims to answer the same question. Created in 1985 as a university centre and becoming a university in 1992, the University of Buea seems to have undertaken a journey but it got stuck on its way and it is finding difficulties getting on its feet again. The book is based on personal experience with a few quotations for better illustration. It is the story of one among many who dares to speak out when many others chose to cry and die in silence. This is obviously not the first writing about the University of Buea and is definitely not going to be the last. In my quest for answers to the many questions that plague my mind and yours regarding this prestigious institution, I have read much, listened to many talk and even observed many in action.

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