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Layla Osunde lives in America with her father. She has been excepted into a prestigious university and comes home to find her father murdered.She manages to escape the killers but she ends up having a car accident. She steps out of her car and falls into the arms of an unknown man before she eventually faints. She awakes later in a strange apartment. She surveys the apartment and finds aspirin for her headache. She soon comes face to face with the owner of the apartment, which turns out to be a penthouse. Steven Haywood is a man that has his life together, but everything get turned upside down when he falls in love with a woman on the run.

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ISBN: 9781476178202
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Safe In Your Arms - Veronica Anderson

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Chapter 1

Layla Osunde rushed home with exquisite news. She could barely wait to see her father. Layla had been accepted into one of America’s most prestigious universities. Father, father! she called out into the entry way of the home that she shared with her father, Ozar Osunde. The house was quiet briefly. Suddenly, she heard voices from the second floor of the house. She ran up the stairs to her father’s study.

The door was ajar. She could see her father, but she knew that something wasn’t right. The room was dark. Father, why didn’t you answer me? she asked as she moved closer to him. No, no… father. she let out a cry. Ozar Osunde was dead; the cause, a single shot to the head. Layla knelt beside him and her eyes began to water. She heard voices in the distance. The murderers were still in the house. She had to hide.

The secret room. she whispered. Layla quickly turned the lamp, the mechanism that quickly revealed the secret room. She ran inside. She could hear the voices getting closer and closer. Two men. she cried softly. They sounded as if they were arguing. She could feel her heart pumping and thumping in her rib cage. Who were they and why had they killed her father? One of the voices sounded familiar but she couldn’t place the face with it. Her fear was too intense.

Layla slowly calmed when the men passed the study and went down the staircase. The house was dead silent. She had to go. She had to know why her father had been taken away from her. She quickly turned the lamp and the door slide open once more. She quietly moved out of the compartment. The pain stirred in her body once more as she stared at her father’s dead body. She tipped down the hallway and down the stairs.

Oh no! They’re still here. she gasped. The men were rummaging through her father’s personal papers. They wouldn’t see her. She had to slip through the door. She moved closer to door and turned the door knob softly. She was out in a flash. She swiftly got into her car and was soon on her way.

Layla was out of her mind. She couldn’t seem to think straight. Visions of her father flashed through her head. Her eyes began to burn as the tears started to build up. Her throat tightened. She could barely breathe. She barely noticed that she had driven clear across town. It was too much for her. She felt light headed. She fainted at the wheel of the car.

The car swerved from side to side. Suddenly, she awoke. Ah! she let out a scream. She grabbed for the wheel but it was too late. She hit a parked car. At least, she hadn’t killed anyone. Layla staggered from her car. She had no idea where she was. The moment seemed to last forever. She lost her balance and fell into the arms of a stranger. I’ll get help. he whispered into her ear. No, you can’t… they killed him and they’ll kill me. she desisted before she fainted.

Steven Haywood carried the young woman to his car. She had a large bruise on her forehead. Other than that, she seemed fine. He drove straight to his penthouse. She was still out when they’d arrived. Steven carried her up in the elevator. She was as light as a feather and beautiful as hell. Steven balanced her as he unlocked the door. He quickly laid her on his living room couch. He rushed to the bathroom and came back with a First Aid Kit. He knelt down beside her and began to clean her wound.

His eyes began to drift down to her face. Yes, you are beautiful. he whispered. Her eyes were oval, her nose was perky and her lips were full. Her skin was a lovely shade of cocoa and soft to the touch. Steven bandaged her wound and ran his fingers through her hair. It was long, dark and kissed with brown highlights.

Steven covered her with a blanket. There’s nothing more I can do for you tonight. he said as he turned out the light. He was worried and was unsure he’d made the out. He loved his job, was wildly successful and had been dating the same woman for more than a year. Things had finally turned serious between the two of them. This young girl could turn out to be a speed bump on his fast lane to preplanned early retirement. Still, he was